Dusk to Dawn

The piece started out for solo piano, and then rapidly grew into a larger work when Johan-Magnus Sjöberg offered to put on the first performance early summer 2012 at All Saints Church in Lund, Sweden.

Solo Piano version


I expanded the length of the piece considerably and also orchestrated it to include string orchestra and Johan-Magnus’ excellent chamber choir. I much enjoyed that performance, and also all the intense rehearsal which preceded it.

Orchestral version live

In 2014 Dusk to Dawn was again rearranged, this time for a chamber setting of piano, string quartet and soprano. The performance this time took place over two evenings at The Forge in north London. They were magic nights, performing with both Konstantin Boyarsky and his string quartet, soprano Mia Karlsson and Swedish legend Sven-Bertil Taube.

Chamber music version live

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